peter pan playroom

It has been a busy year at the Sewell house, I wanted to share the latest project that we've been working on.


I posted a long time ago about our

80's fabulous house

that we bought and have been renovating since we took it over.  We are always working on something for the house, but most of the time the projects are not very fun (tearing down wallpaper, replacing toilets etc).  Finally we have been able to work on a project that we have had "vision" about since the beginning.  We have this weird room under our garage that had lots of potential but needed TONS of work.  Let me back up to give you a real visual, check out the space when we first saw it…. (yikes.)


Not only did we have to "clean it up," we also wanted to make it more structural and open it up.  All my husband could see was a basketball court.  That is all he wanted, a basketball hoop.  Nothing else.  So there was about to be some compromise, but I could see the potential as well.  First we needed to get these GIGANTIC beams into our room, and the fact that we got them into the house was a minor miracle.




Once they were in, we had to hand it over to the pros to get them in place.  Then we (Brad) started the painting/cleanup process.


Around this time I showed the room to my son and told him we were "fixing up the new playroom".  He took one look at it and frowned and said "mommy, I thought it was going to be "rainbow colors".  I knew I need to liven it up, so I came up with an idea that was inspired by a room I had been in at The Bachelor Farmer (an awesome restaurant in Minneapolis).  The have a room called the Afghan room where they basically wallpapered the room entirely in afghan blankets.  My husband thought I was crazy, so I knew I had to try it.


First I arranged the blankets.  Then I made friends with something called Super77 spray glue.




Brad still got his hoop.  I'm not sure if this room is really for our kids, or just for us, I will let you decide.


Finally we got to reveal it to the kids.  Their expressions were priceless.




Mini ballers.  Happy Dad.



And don't worry, the room will have much more than just one basketball hoop.  There are super hero capes, and much more to come. 




Stay tuned for more from the basketball court/afghan wall/Peter Pan playroom of our little renovator dreams!