I’m Jennie.  My parents used to call me “Jennifer Jean the Dancing Machine”.  I am a right brain cliché who married a left brain cliché. Somehow it works except neither of us know how to cook.  I don’t like recipes (because they are bossy) so I buy CSA vegetables, mostly just for looks.

I love NPR, my podcasts are my coworkers.   When I start to take it all too seriously I can count on my kids for a dance party or a sweet blanket fort.  Whoever said having kids was “to decide forever to have your heart go walking around outside your body” was painfully correct.  My kids are funny, creative, stubborn, (mostly) kind and always make me want to do better.

Our home is like another member of our family. When we found it, we loved it unconditionally despite its 47 varieties of wallpaper. On any given day you might find us renovating/repairing/painting something in our home. In turn I am completely inspired by the spaces people create for themselves. Walking into someone’s home is like reading a chapter of their book.

Despite my love for interiors, I will do anything to be outside in fresh air, ideally near/in/on some form of water.  Somehow I always end up barefoot, does that make me a hippie?  I don’t like labels.  My current drug of choice is Instagram where I try to capture beauty in the small stuff.

Having a camera in my hand feels like an extension of my arm. Documenting is so ingrained in who I am, it always sounds wrong to call it work. I believe in GRATITUDE. I am grateful that you got to the end of this bio, if you are still with me…  I would love to tell your story in a BEAUTIFUL and HONEST way.