I think I am feeling a little nostalgic today, but I’ve been reminiscing about the last year at Sewell Photography.  I have truly felt so grateful every time that I have been able to capture the story of a couple, a family, a brand new life, new parents, a company and it’s people and what […]

katie & josh : engaged

I adore Katie and Josh and this fun Engagement Session.  I love that we got to explore their neighborhood and capture a glimpse of their life as it is today. I am so excited for their wedding tomorrow!!

joella & tom : engaged

I was lucky enough to get to spend a gorgeous day in Lake City Minnesota with Tom and JoElla.  Not only are they a gorgeous couple, but I could go on and on about how awesome they are, individually and as a couple.  I am super duper excited for their wedding next June!

meredith & eric’s wedding

It was last winter when I first met Meredith and Eric and took their Engagement Photos.  We had a great time playing in the snow with their sweet pup.  Fast forward to their wedding this fall and I was so lucky to get to work with them again.  They are a joy to be around […]

nan + jordan : engaged

Nan and Jordan have an awesome story of how they met.  It involves a family's lake resort in northern minnesota, and includes a photograph of them together at the age of eleven.  To complete the story in the most perfect way (in my opinion) they will be heading back up north to the same resort […]

katie + sam : engaged

I was so happy to spend a perfect late summer evening with Katie and Sam.  They are such a great couple, I am really excited for their wedding next June!

ashley + jeremy : engaged

Ashley and Jeremy are looking forward to their wedding next June, but for now they are starting to plan their lives in Jeremy's home town in Western Canada.  I was happy to catch them in Minnesota long enough to have a lovely evening with them and take their engagement photos.  The are a delight to […]

kirsten + jay : enaged

I was so excited for Kirsten and Jay's Engagement session, mostly because they are so much fun I knew we would have a great time.  Also I loved the lake setting with all of it's northern Minnesota glory.  Anyone from Minnesota knows the feeling of being "up north" and how it encompasses summer and relaxation […]

ashley + eric : engaged

Ashley and Eric currently live in Florida, but they were in town long enough to hang out with me and take a few photographs. We had a great time exploring the city where they first fell in love.  I especially like the (mustache) photo we took outside the Guthrie, that pretty much sums up my […]

love is not …

"Love is not what makes the world go 'round… it's what makes the ride worthwhile."  Happy Valentines Day love birds!!