oh boy

A celebration for our good friends new baby boy on the way!  Stay tuned for more photos of Katie and her cute baby bump… Thanks to : Katie Rose for being awesome and for planning this shindig with me!  Just Bloomed for the lovely floral designs (and helping me whip the studio into shape!) Nikki […]

the big three-oh

Last year I hit a "big" birthday and my sister and husband surprised me with an amazing party at the studio!  It was a crazy fun whirl of great friends, food, music, dancing and pink!!  Today is exactly one year later (the year I turn 30… again), so I thought I'd share a glimps from […]

open for business

Ok, well the studio has actually been open for business for a while, but we are now "officially" done.   It's a great feeling to be finished with the projects that we've been working on to get the place fixed up.  It has definitely come a long way… check out some the the "before pictures" […]


With the completion of the major projects at the studio, we decided it was time to celebrate!  Here are a few pics from our festivities of the weekend.  Thanks to everyone who stopped by! Thank you to Travis from First Course restaurant for the wonderful food, (if you have not visited this restaurant yet, you […]

sign me up

We're so excited that the sign for our studio space is finally done!  The sign was installed this weekend but we're still waiting for the lights.  The space almost complete… more photos to come soon! yeah!!!

please vote!

So I just thought of an idea that maybe you can help me decide on my studio prints by voting on your favorite 3 horizontal photos and 3 favorite vertical photos…  I appreciate your help!!

back to business

I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday!  I SO enjoyed spending time with my family, but now it's time to get back to business.  The studio is coming along although we still have some work to do.  Check out our progress… Our temporary sign…  The outside still needs work, but there's not much we can […]

a work in progress…

So I have been a little behind on blogging (and everything) lately but I have an excuse!  My latest project is a studio space that I am opening with the ultra fabulous florist Jackie from Just Bloomed.  She also happens to be my sister, but even with out my bias, she is extremely talented at […]