domestic diva

I realize this post is random and not particularily well photographed, but I wanted to share a little project I tried the other day.  Some of you domestic divas may be aware of the latest craze of "Cake Pops" (which I think started by the cute-as-a-button baking blog Balkerella).  I am far from a baker/chef/domestic, but I do love me a good crafty project.  As much as my job is really fun and creative, I think I(everyone) still need creative outlets that have no point beyond my own personal joy.

For Dane's first Birthday I thought of doing a Sock Monkey theme since I had some photos of him in his sock monkey costume from Halloween.  Anyway long story long… I made some Sock Monkey Cake Pops!  I will post more photos from Dane's Birthday party soon…Cakepops01Roll the cake balls and make "pops"Cakepops01Dip the pops into chocolate (this is the hard part)
Cakepops01Get your "accesories" ready, the chocolate melts fast!Cakepops01Large sprinkles for eyes.Cakepops01You'll need some foam to keep them up-right.
Cakepops01I used 'Pull 'n' Peel  Twizlers' for "yarn" for the hat.
Cakepops01Ta dah!
Cakepops01My nephew Drew loved them once he figured out he was allowed to eat them.Cakepops01