Maggie + Jared

It was one year ago today that we celebrated Maggie and Jared’s wedding, and it was a magical day for so many reasons. There were the obvious reasons like the beautiful bride and groom, flowers, venue etc.  But what made this day so special was the people, and the love and connection they had with each other.  Maggie and Jared are some of the most genuine, thoughtful, kind people I have had the pleasure of working with and getting to know, and I wish we could do this day all over again.

Looking back at these photographs makes me realize how much I love documenting connection.  From a sly glance, to a giant hug, and all the subtle gestures in between…photographing these moments bring me so much joy.  It also makes my heart ache to miss all of these connections that we took for granted.  To squeeze our friends tight, to shake hands with a new friend, to eat together at a long table, to slow dance with your dad.  I understand why we have to keep distance right now (and I want to do my part) but I can not WAIT for the day that we get to celebrate, dance, hug, connect and love on each other at a potentially awkwardly :) CLOSE distance!