Siesta Key

Fun fact about me, from the age of four until eleven years old I lived in Florida.  Long enough to pick up a southern twang, and my family still likes to make fun of me for saying things like “scoot on ova” and “I’m fixin to”.  Every year we were there, my grandparents would come for an extended visit and we would all spend a week at Siesta Key Beach.  If you have ever been there, you know how beautiful it is… and that SAND!  Needless to say it is one of my happy places.  This spring break we got to go back with my family, and it means so much to me that my kids will have memories of being there with their grandparents.  We were also lucky/crazy enough to spend a day at Universal Studios which was a dream for our little Harry Potter fans.  We new it was going to be an awesome day, when we turned our first corner and saw a couple getting engaged!  With out thinking, I was taking their photo!  (I want to believe that they are going to have a Harry Potter themed wedding :)