big bad belly

A note on my second pregnancy.  I hope my second born never reads this, but this pregnancy has been so different for me.  I don't mean to say that I have been taking it for granted, because I am SO appreciative that everything has gone well.  But life seems to whiz by and all of the sudden I am due in two weeks and I can't believe how fast it's gone.  Along with that I have done a terrible job of documenting this pregnancy, so when my sister offered to take a few photos of my belly I knew I had to fit it in.   I love that we can freeze these fleeting moments in time forever.  Also taking these photos forced me to slow down for two minutes and focus on this tiny person who is about to change my whole life! Jenniebelly001
Jenniebelly002 Jenniebelly003 Jenniebelly004This photo is from when I was pregnant with Dane two years ago.  My belly seems way bigger and I wasn't as far along in that photo.  Maybe I won't have a "tank" baby this time.  Can't wait to find out!!Jenniebelly006