“the best nest”

If you  haven't read this book by  Dr. Suess, I recommend it.  Our two-year-old loves it, and we are reading it to help him get ready for moving from our current/old home to our "new nest".   Side note : if you are concidering moving and totally renovating a new home right before a baby comes, I would not necessarily recommend it.  We are so excited about our new adventure, BUT we could not be cutting this closer to the baby's due date! 

Disregard the fancy pictures of me with my baby belly.  This is really what I look like these days… Newhouse001I have been picking out paint for every room in the house…so hard for this girl who hates commitment. Newhouse002After a long road…we're moving in! (do not buy a foreclosure house if you don't have lots of patience.  I am learning a lot about patience these days) Newhouse003And THIS is a taste of what we are dealing with… (Yes that is metalic wallpaper from 1980) Newhouse004Another taste of the raw beauty… (a friend told me this light was coming back in style…any body want to buy it?)Newhouse005Endless "to do" lists. (I LOVE my white board… my husband does not) Newhouse006This is my mother and father-in-law taking down wallpaper (seriously they are amazing, we owe them forever!)  Side note : If you are concidering putting up wallpaper, please reconcider.  I know it's coming back in style, but just REALLY think about it. Newhouse007My rockstar sister in law risking her life to clean our windows. (She has been one of many little house angels who have helped us, so so grateful!)Newhouse008 'Best Dressed' and 'Best Taper/Prepper' award goes to…my dad! If you know him, you will really appreciate this photo :)
Newhouse009Runner up for 'Best Dressed' … my  littlest helper! "I am helping fix the house"Newhouse012This is basically what we're living in. (I do realize the hazards here…this makes me look like an awesome mom) Newhouse013But he was happy Newhouse014This is a glimps at Danes's room before we got to it… (yes they did paint the room red with green carpet) Newhouse015These are my ideas… Newhouse016This is an inspiration shot I found on PintrestNewhouse017
I want that green dressor.  Also I love the stripes.  I thought I'd try them in the new baby room…Newhouse018Heres a peek at it so far… (Thanks Jackie and Maribeth for your awesome stripe painting skills!) Newhouse019Here's what I'd like my room and bathroom to look like someday… (photo credit here and here) Newhouse020
More ideas I love…(I have a new love/hate relationship with Pintrest!) Newhouse021

Someday I hope to share a few "Before/After" photos, but please bare with me (patience Jennie) … it may take me a while.